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Multiple Uses for Tracking and Spying Phone Tools

Multiple Uses for Tracking and Spying Phone Tools


Many questions arise when pondering about all the options a spy phone can offer. What exactly can you do with phone tracking and what are the different applications currently used? Over the years, technology has led to the development of spying gadgets of all sorts but now with the powerful smartphones, tablets and computers we use every day, it has become much easier to use apps and software for monitoring needs, all completely undetected. These phone tracking services have grown to be capable of doing some incredibly powerful things in the last couple of years.

There are many different services available, and with the help of our reviews, you can quickly decide from one of the top monitoring services available. The first thing to know, is that you are required to install the software onto the mobile phone, tablet or computer that you wish to track.


Installing Spy Applications on a Cellphone

From all the different options available, they all operate in a similar manner, and are also installed in a similar manner. Step one is to confirm compatibility with your cellphone, and next is to signup to the desired service. Once you have an account, you will be able to download the software to your targeted or employee cellphone, mobile or even personal computer computer device. The app is downloaded and activated and magically disappears into stealth mode, leaving no trace or evidence that it is being tapped. Once installed, the user has access to an online control panel to manage it all.

For iPhones, since it is only possible to install apps for the Apple store, it is required to jailbreak the iPhone to have the ability to add third-party tracking software, with the exception of one type of service, which offers a limited, but alternative solution to the problem by using iCloud backups. These alternative monitoring services are not the same as installing a monitoring app, and should be differentiated.

Tracking with Spy Phone Tools

satellite-dish-309738_640Back in the day, movies use to demonstrate spy action movies using small GPS tracking devices to follow their target, now with a GPS on most smartphones, such gadgets have become antiquated.  You can track the location of a device in real-time with ease and even have a full history of traveled paths and locations on visual maps. Software opens up these types of possibilities that we’re once only in reach of powerful agencies. This can be a great tool to track employee whereabouts or even better, ensuring your child gets home from school safely and never exits a determined perimeter without sending you a live notification. The possible uses become very useful for an array of situations. All the major cell phone monitoring services offer full GPS tracking capabilities


mic-148576_640Wiretapping and Bugging Your Phone

Just like tracking devices, old school movies would depict small microphones being hidden to record and spy and it was all so magical and how can the sound travel with no wires, well that was 1990, and how times change fast when it comes to the exponential growth of information technology. The monitoring and tracking spy apps available today often offer to record actual calls, in real time or on saved settings, listen in on live calls or even sneakier than all, you can simply activate the microphone on the device and listen or record the surroundings at anytime from anywhere. Saved recordings can be accessed from your private account with no access to the actual phone. At this time, this feature is available with FlexiSpy for Android and iPhone, or Mobistealth on Android only.


spy-cameraSpy Camera and Video Recorder

Just like activating the microphone, tracking programs allow to use the device’s camera. Some services take a snapshot using both front and back cameras if the smart phone has both, and these services can even offer the option to record video from the device remotely. These types of services can be helpful to keep your children safe or get a visual on their surroundings if lost or abducted. Being not only able to hear but also see where or who is around them can be a lifeline when most needed.


Simple Logging, Tracking, and Filtering of Usage

The main basic features mostly used by business owners and parents are used to track the usage of the device, such as; visited websites, logged calls, time spent on facebook, text messages and so on. This allows employers to keep an eye on staff and ensure they are not being robbed of valuable work hours, and parents can have some peace of mind knowing they can filter content while keeping a watchful eye on their activities online. Young children especially can be vulnerable to online predators and nothing can beat or compare monitoring apps as a solution helping ensure their safety while using tablets, phones or any device connected online.


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  3. I’ve spent years trying to stop being monitored on all my devices including Smart TV & my location tracked every step of the way! It First I thought I was going crazy but I’ve gotten proof of it, I just don’t know how to stop it! Sad to say I’ve been trapped in a mentally abusive & controlled marriage & never try reporting it! I’ve now been separated over a year & I’m ready to see how I can report it so it will finally stop! I hate going to the police bc of kids but it’s passed time to stop it!

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  5. I would like to know if my iphone or Android is hacked.Got call saying that iCloud was hacked to call Apple and let them know,thay hung up on me.can you please let me know.thank you.

  6. I need to know if my phone is being tracked

  7. I want to know why and how about this spy bot that is watching me. I’m not doing anything wrong. Why is this on my phone?

  8. Comment I know that my husband has been able to get a camera to spy on me. He specifically wants to make sure I am asleep. Sometimes the. noises tha he is making wakes me up as well as the dogs and cats. I have seen the eye of camera watching me, following me. It’s creepy and scary. Don’t know what to do.

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