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FlexiSpy Review

FlexiSpy Review

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This review was last updated on: May, 2016

FlexiSpy is one of the top players in the game and has been one of the most popular spy apps since it managed to surpass 1 million downloads in 2007. It’s consistently ranked among the best options in this field, features an outstanding list of features, and has drawn great reviews for its customer service and no hassle money-back guarantee. While it does have its detractors, everyone is forced to agree that it is among the most feature rich and complete spy suites available at the moment. With all that said, we did take issue with some of their seedier marketing tactics including what appeared to be the condoning of illegal spying. The service is one of the only ones left to still offer remote control of the cell phone’s hardware, as well as provide full voice call recordings.

The last time we looked in on FlexiSpy they were in a bit of turmoil with many clients becoming dissatisfied with the service. We think they’ve managed to turn it around and we outline why below.



FlexiSpy has improved, and cleaned up their feature page that use to advertise over 150 features, which could all be regrouped under a total of 20 features. The website is now easier to browse, and the information is better conveyed. Overall, the service does give you a ton of options and tries to cover as many things as possible; which they often do successfully. An area where they really set themselves apart is phone call recording, remote camera and microphone control, and even more invasive tools such as a password cracker. They also provide all the main monitoring features including third party instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Skype, Snapchat, iMessage, BBM, Hangouts, and a few more.

One thing to watch out for is device compatibility. Given the vastly different natures of one operating system over another, it’s often impossible to make certain features compatible across all devices. Make sure to check your device compatibility in case you have a specific feature you’d like to use. For example, VOIP calls can only be recorded on Apple iOS devices, but regular call recording is also available on Android.



  • Spy on Calls
    • Live listening, recording, call logs with time stamps, VOIP support, bug phone microphone to listen to surroundings and record them. Spy cam included on some devices.
  • Text Messages:
    • Read and log SMS messages, delete messages containing targeted keywords, send fake texts.  Email access included.
  • Instant Messaging:
    • WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, LINE, Skype, WeChat, iMessage, BBM, BlackBerry PIN, Yahoo, Snapchat and Hangouts are all supported partially depending on the targeted device.
  • Password Cracking Tools:
    • Capture phone passcodes, application and website password, email passwords.
  • GPS Tracking:
    • Track and locate device using GPS location.
  • Multimedia Access:
    • Full remote access to video, image and audio files saved on the device.
  • Remote Control:
    • Activate camera to take pictures remotely, restart the device, and get battery readings along with a list of remote SMS commands for various features.
  • Web Browsing History:
    • View all visited webpages including bookmarks
  • Application Spying:
    • Phonebook, calendar and notes access. Installed programs list along with app usage logs.
  • Alerts:
    • Get alerted on SIM card changes, when specific contacts are called along with other configurable alert markers.
  • No notification of tracking on target device, and excellent hassle free refund policy.


  • FlexiSpy endorses services such as illegal spying without authorization, password cracking and spoofing messages (sending fake messages). It hurts the legitimacy of their image. Regardless of whether or not some users will use spy apps to try and catch a cheating spouse for example, a company should not be openly endorsing breaking the law.
  • Remote call interception only works if the phone service supports conference calling.



Following the FBI crackdown on cell phone spy app companies, which culminated in the arrest of StealthGenie’s CEO; many US companies have been forced to add an informative pop up which will show up once per day to remind the device user that the device is being monitored. Affected vendors are Retina-X, makers of monitoring service Mobile-Spy, and parental monitoring PhoneSheriff apps. Other services such as mSpy, chose to remove the most invasive features such as; call recording, and remote camera control. Fortunately, Flexispy is not one of those companies and shows absolutely no indication it is running while in action. It can hide itself from all applications and process lists and shows no notifications or pop ups what-so-ever, and has not removed any features from the service.

While we would never condone spying on someone in secret, we do believe that the service is rendered less effective if the user is constantly being reminded of the tracking. Remember that, not just legally, but morally, you are required to let anyone who’s being monitored aware of the fact; it’s the right thing to do.



The service is offered over a variety of platforms and devices and the website includes comparison charts and legends to help you determine a plan that has the features you want, all while confirming they are actually available for your specific hardware. It could use some updates on the Android side for the latest versions but other than that, not bad all-around support.

  • Android: 4.0.3 – 6.0 – Rooting required for most advanced features.
  • iOS – iPhone/iPad: all versions up to iOS 9.1 – Jailbreaking required.
  • Blackberry: 5.0 – 7.1
  • Nokia/Symbian – All Nokia phones running Symbian Anna, and Belle versions.



Customer service is one of the areas in which FelxiSpy has earned its reputation. If you’re having technical issues with the software you’re first stop would be their online knowledge base. Here you’ll find a ton of information about various troubleshooting techniques as well as tips and tricks. There is also a very active online community where you can post any questions you might have. Typically the answers come relatively quickly but remember that this is a forum and it’s not instant.

FlexiSpy Knowledge Base

If you can’t find the solution yourself, they feature a 24/7 call center as well as support via e-mail, and chat. The couple of times we contacted support we mainly did so through the chat and found that our questions were often answered promptly. Some users online report having bad experiences but we’ve never had any trouble. They also have the most flexible refund policy, providing you a risk-free purchase.



FlexiSpy has an almost dizzying number of product types and price points. These range from 68$ for one month of the basic service, all the way up to $349 for the “Extreme” service. The $68 one month package is alright as a tester, but once you’re sure you’d like to stick with the service I’d suggest you pick one of the bigger packages. Typically a monitoring project extends well beyond a couple of months and you’re almost certain to get some savings in the long run. They have not updated their pricing plans for a while because they hold somewhat of a monopoly when it comes to functional remote control capabilities.

The “Premium Package” includes all of the features we’ve covered thus far in the review. The “Extreme” package gives access to several of the paid add-ons available for FlexiSpy. These notably include the password cracker, which costs 45/month if bought alone and the Call Recorder which is a onetime fee of $249 if bought separately.

In Summary:

Premium packages include all features with the exception of live listening to calls, call recording, remote microphone control recording, and remote camera control. SMS spoofing and the password cracker cracker are also only included on Extreme packages. Therefore, if you need those advanced features, the Extreme package is a must. If all you need is call logs, text logs, and third party chat monitoring, the Premium will do just fine.


Finally, they offer a 10-day money back guarantee and uphold their promises. This allows you to try the product risk free and see how many of those features you can put to good use.


Flexispy Price Points



iOS, Android, Nokia/Symbian, BlackBerry:

PREMIUM $68 Monthly — $99 3 Months – $149 Yearly

EXTREME $199 3 Months – $349 Yearly


Password Cracker:

Android + iPhone – $49.00 Monthly



Tool to record calls – standalone software.

One Time Fee – $249.00





  1. I have a question, I’d like to knowing it is compatible with iOS 9.1?

    • Yes, as long as the device is jailbroken.

  2. The Best So far…..

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