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Ourpact: Parental Control Software Review

Ourpact: Parental Control Software Review


In today’s digital era, it is very difficult for parents to monitor their kids especially now that kids have their own smart phones, tablets and other devices. With so many apps like TikTok, Kik, SnapChat and other messaging apps, your children’s attention and time could be spent more on these apps rather than more important things such as physically playing outside, socializing and studying. With this trend, the need for developing apps that would help parents monitor and control children’s usage of technology, devices and apps emerged and thankfully it was introduced in 2015.

OurPact is one of the best parental control applications that offers amazing numerous option including child control on mobile devices services. It could limit text messages and apps, it also allows filtering and it has the ability to locate. Furthermore, through this software, parents have the power to use oversight and control tools and basic cautioning options. OurPact also offers an advanced option that comes with screen limit which allows the parents to set guidelines on different types of apps on their child’s mobile device. With this, we could say that OurPact is an amazing partner for parents who would want to ensure their children will not be distracted and unfocused due to apps like online mobile games and social media apps.

Ourpact Parental App

Ourpact Parental app is compatible and could be installed on Google Pixel 2XL streaming Android 9.0 (Pie), iPad Air 2 and iPhone 7 Plus. You could also use MacOS 10.13.6 as your OurPact net portal.

Similar to other parental-control apps, the first step to use this app is to make an account on their site, OurPact.com. Once done, have your child or children create their own profile. At this stage, OurPact will automatically and immediately inquire what type of device your child is using, is it an Android or an iOS? Once answered, this will prompt for the software to guide you on how to set it up on your device.

Web Filters

OurPact is easy to use. It assists all parents and makes sure that every application is at place on the child’s device. Also, what is good about this app is it closes the application organizer in your child’s device. This means, s/he cannot access nor delete any application including OurPact app.


One of the basic features of OurPact is web clarifying. To enable this, all you have to do is click on the option found at the lower-left side of the child’s image on the app. You will then receive the option to block adult matter on your child’s gadget. Turn off button with no other alternatives.


This function is very easy to setup. At the management page you will find buttons marked with grant and block. Just tap on the apps that you will permit to access at the moment or a specific limit of time. This feature is convenient and a speedy solution.

Application Management

In this part, there are double applications which you will be required to install- OurPact and OurPact Jr. The first one is the parent app which shall be connected on your device. Once you have installed the parent app, you will be guided on how to put instructions, restrictions on apps and screen time measures.

OurPact Jr. on the other hand is for your child’s devices/gadgets. You will need to install this on your child’s phone. Both app could be found on Google Play Store.

OurPact Time Management

In this app, as a parent, you could set up individual time allowances and/or limitations. Since not all kids are the same, you could decide what time limit for each child you will allow. In addition to that, you could also track their time usage across all of their devices- phone, tablets, etc. Furthermore, this app also has the ability to request your children to finish their tasks such as household chores and schoolwork as well.

OurPact Pros

  1. This app comes with a comprehensive FAQ section
  2. Comes with time screen restriction
  3. It has smart internet screening

OurPact Cons:

  1. Comes with restricted set of features
  2. Does not work accurately on iOS
  3. No activity recording

Location Tracking

Another amazing feature of this app is it could check your child’s current location. It allows you to do geo-fencing which allows you to state a location such as park, home, school, etc. It also has alerts that will notify you whenever your child’s device enters or leaves a specific place. You will also be able to get the address of the place where your child is currently at.

OurPact Pricing

OurPact is offered in three versions and they are the following:

1. Free version

This version allows users to control and monitor a single child gadget with five non-automatic blocks every month.

2. Transformation

This version is offered with a starting cost of $1.99 per month. It allows you to control and monitor your child up to 10 devices. It serves unlimited non-automatic chains and unlimited automated chain plans

3. Charge

This version is offered for $6.99 per month. It allows you to monitor and control up to 20 child gadgets with unlimited non-automatic blocks, infinite automated chain plans and leftover features.


Through OurPact, monitoring and controlling your child’s usage of devices becomes easier. We hope that through this article, we were able to help you and provide you sufficient information that you could use on how you could limit your child’s usage of devices, apps and internet. So what are you waiting for? Download OurPact now!

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  1. The biggest issue I had encountered while using the Ourpact app was that their customer support department was unresponsive and whenever I had any problems I would mail them not get any response for days this is why I have now started using the family time app. The cost is very affordable, customer service is great and all the features I need for my child’s safety are available under one single roof.

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