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How to Ping Your Mobile Phone?

How to Ping Your Mobile Phone?

In a tradition sense, pinging a cellphone means locating your phone through identifying the cell tower of the last signal your phone has received. These days, fortunately, this traditional method of locating your phone is not the only way. Hence, through this article, we shall discuss how you could find your lost phone through these different methods.

  1. One of the most modern and easiest way to locate your lost phone is through a software that comes with most devices. You could use either find my iPhone on Apple’s iOS or if you are using an Android phone, you could use Google’s Location history.
  2. Another way is through using an app. Nowadays, there are numerous apps which could track your smartphone’s location. Few examples are Find My Friends for iOS or WhereAreYou on any smartphone.
  3. The last and the most traditional method is to request your mobile network provider to ping the cell tower and triangulate your phone’s location. This service is available to law enforcers and government but it is also what ordinary citizens could do and request.


Losing your phone is probably one of the most frustrating and hassle things that could happen. It could ruin your day especially if you have important things stored on your phone and imagine how much inconvenience it would be to try to gather all your friends’ contact details all over again. If you store your schedule on your phone, we understand how much that could cost you. Thankfully, there are numerous ways for you to be able to locate and find your phone. We hope that through this article, we were able to guide and help you find ways to find your phone.

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