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Best secure messaging apps – keep your conversations private

Best secure messaging apps – keep your conversations private

It’s a known fact that the NSA keeps an eye on our conversations and it collects our data on a daily basis. Privacy is under attack and we are all likely to become a target of online surveillance. Not only government organizations are after our personal information, large corporations know that they can make a lot of money selling this data and this is why they are constantly working on new ways to get access to it. The good news is that there are also solutions designed to enhance the protection to our privacy, you just need to look for them.

Although there are many popular messaging apps available such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, the truth is that they don’t offer security and your conversations and the data you share may be used by companies for their own financial gain. If you want to keep your conversations private, you can use one of the apps in our list. They use encryption to prevent others from finding out what is discussed in your messages. Keeping information confidential is crucial in financial, healthcare services and other fields, but it is also important for everyday users who want to reclaim their right to privacy.

Telegram ( Download for Android Download for iOs )

Telegram is probably the most recognized option when it comes to secure and private conversations and it is a top rival of WhatsApp. The “Secret Chats” feature is designed to provide end-to-end encryption and it also ensures that texts, media and other content is destroyed once it has reached its destination. Telegram encrypts all your data, even if you are not using “Secret Chats”. Telegram is available on multiple platforms including Android, iOS and Windows Phone. There is also a web version and Telegram offers fast and reliable performance, as well as support for large group chats. You are not subject to limits in terms of the size of the files that can be sent and Telegram also offers cloud syncing to make sure that you can access your conversations across all your devices. It is free to use.

Threema ( Download for AndroidDownload for iOs )

This is one of the most popular options for users who want to keep their online conversations secure. It is an effective solution to keep your data protected from prying eyes. It offers end-to-end encryption and supports group chats. You can share media, statuses and more. Any messages you send are deleted from the server as soon as they are delivered and data such as your groups and contacts is stored on the device’s local storage. You don’t to use an email address or phone number to register and your Threema ID is unique. Apart from offering security, Threema provides all the features you would expect from a messaging app, as well as unique options such as poll and the ability to send pretty much any file type including PDF, MP3 and ZIP. It is available for $2.49.

Wickr Me ( Download for AndroidDownload for iOs )

Wickr Me is another good option to enjoy a more secure messaging experience and it offers features that are set to keep your conversations protected from eavesdroppers. End-to-end encryption is used to secure texts, videos, voice messages, pictures and more. There is a feature called Shredder which permanently deletes all your chats and media content from your device. Wickr lets you set an expiration time on all your messages and content. In addition, Wickr Me states that it doesn’t read your messages and it doesn’t log your personal information. It is possible to send texts, audios, videos, images and you can also hold groups chats. Wickr Me also supports stickers, photo filters and more.

Signal Private Messenger ( Download for AndroidDownload for iOs )

Signal Private Messenger was released recently and it offers the convenient functionality that previous apps from Open Whisper System apps such as RedPhone and TextSecure offered. It is a highly popular open source solution to protect your privacy and security while you are exchanging messages with friends, family or colleagues. Although your phone number is required to use the app, all your messages are protected with end-to-end encryption and Signal doesn’t store any of your conversations on its servers. Since it is an open source application, it can be independently checked to make sure that there are no vulnerabilities or back doors installed. Signal is free to use and it supports group chats, voice calls and other practical features.

Cyber Dust ( Download for AndroidDownload for iOs )

This fantastic secure messaging app provides security, privacy and many convenient features, as well as a cool design. The messages sent through Cyber Dust are called Dust and the broadcast messages are known as Blast. All the contents are protected with high encryption and are never kept in permanent storage. Just like other apps in the list, Cyber Dust prevents screenshots and the images sent are deleted within 100 seconds or 24 hours, if they are not opened by the recipient. Cyber Dust uses 128-bit AES encryption and added security through RSA 2048-bit key.

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