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Best Spy Apps for Android

Best Spy Apps for Android

Spy apps are highly popular and they have become the best ally for concerned parents who want to keep their children safe and for employers who need to ensure that their confidential information, is not being exposed by their staff. If you are looking for an effective solution to monitor an Android device, take a look at the below apps. They offer good performance and useful features.


flexispyFlexiSPY is a major name in the industry and it is recognized for the impressive selection of features that it supports. It is capable of tracking a large number of IM apps and is compatible not only with Android, but also with other mobile platforms like iOS. You can monitor WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, WeChat, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Google Hangouts and more. Additionally, it offers the option to intercept calls. You can listen to live calls or record them and listen to them at a later stage. This feature puts FlexiSPY ahead from many of its competitors that don’t support this feature. Keep in mind that some features only work on rooted devices so make sure that you check the compatibility and requirements to select the best option for your needs.


spyera-reviewSpyEra offers a simple, uncluttered interface that would suit those looking for a solution that is easy to manage. You can check text messages, emails (including unread and deleted ones), IM chats and more. SpyEra also allows you to get access to multimedia folders so you can keep on photos, videos or check audios. SpyEra also allows you to listen to phone calls and to record them. Additionally, you can listen and record ambient sounds. SpyEra also gives you the possibility of blocking certain applications to prevent your children from accessing content that is not appropriate for their age.


mspy-product-boxmSpy is widely recognized as a leading choice in the spy app industry thanks to high quality that it provides and its fantastic set of features. It is the perfect solution for parents who are worried about their children. You can track your child’s real location using the GPS location tracker so you will always know where they are. If they are having inappropriate conversations or being targeted by cyberbullies, you will find out through their text messages, WhatsApp chats, Facebook messages and more.

mSpy keeps call logs allowing you to see the exact time and date of calls made and received. The app also features a keylogger function that allows you to know what they are typing, so you can get passwords and other information. All the data recorded is available in the control panel of your account, which can be easily accessed online. Another advantage of mSpy is that it offers excellent customer service and you can contact them at any time.


theonespyTheOneSpy is a practical solution to look after your children, even if they are not near you and to make sure that your employees don’t divulge company’s secrets or use their work phone for personal purposes. The highlights of TheOneSpy is probably the Panic Alert feature, which notifies your immediately if your child is in danger and provides you their exact GPS location. With TheOneSpy, you can block websites, calls and SMS and you can even set a time limit for use, to make sure that your kids don’t spend too much time playing with their phones. You can access media folders as well and all the information logged is easily available when you log into your account on their website.


mobistealthIf you are after good value for money, consider Mobistealth, a high quality option that offers affordable plans. It lets you monitor call history (including date and time stamp), unread, read or deleted emails, as well as text messages and activity on WhatsApp, MSN, Yahoo chats, Skype, MSN and more. Mobistealth is powerful and helps you to keep your children safe by keeping an eye on the websites they visit, the files they send or receive and the conversations they hold. You can also track their location. Mobistealth is also an effective way to ensure that your employees stay productive and that they don’t breach the security of the company.

Highster Mobile

highstermobileIf you are mainly interested in keeping an eye on the chatting and texting activity of your children or employees, Highster Mobile is an ideal choice. Although it is not suitable for call recording, it allows you to monitor text messages, Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp and other popular applications. The app also lets your track GPS location and see the target’s browsing history, as well as photos and videos. The website control panel is easy to use and gives you access to all the information available. You just need to connect to internet and log into your account to get an overview of the data recorded.

All the apps in the list offer useful features and work well for different purposes. Just make sure that you check the apps’ websites to find out more information and to check the special offers and additional options available.

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