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Certo iPhone Pro Review

Certo iPhone Pro Review

The importance of privacy has been highlighted in recent years and it is now clear that anyone can be under surveillance. Unfortunately, it is not only large corporations or government agencies who you should be concerned about. There are cases in which our privacy is threatened by those who are closer to us. Out of curiosity, genuine concern or questionable motives, family members, partners or colleagues may be trying to secretly snoop on you. Since mobile devices have become such an important part of our lives, it is likely that those who want to spy on you, will target your smartphone.

Nowadays, it is easy to find spy software that can be used to track all the activities on someone else’s device. These applications are becoming more affordable and powerful, which increases the risk of being monitored. If someone is trying to eavesdrop on your phone, all they need is a few minutes to install the application on the device and then they will be able to read your texts, your emails, your chats, see your media files, get details of your phone calls and much more. One of the most concerning aspects about spyware is that it runs in stealth mode, which means that it is very difficult to detect.

Spy apps work on Android and iOS, as well as other platforms. While they are more difficult to install on iOS due to Apple’s security restrictions, that doesn’t mean that it is not possible to find options specifically designed to target iPhone users. If a spy app is installed on your phone, you are not likely to see any obvious signs since this technology can work without giving away its presence on your device. You may come across tips that aim to help you to discover if there is a spy app on your iPhone, but these methods are not 100% accurate.

Generally, users are advised to check if the battery of their device drains faster for no apparent reason, or if their phone is not working as normal. However, these issues don’t necessarily mean that there is spyware on your phone. If you are concerned about your privacy and want to know for sure if you are being monitored, you should opt for a specialized solution that dissipates any doubts. That is what Certo offers for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users. Here we will find out more about this spyware detection application.

What is Certo?

Certo is an advanced spyware detection solution that helps you to find out if your Apple device is being monitored. It is the only detection software that will allow you to scan your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch for bugs and spy apps. Certo (which means certain in Italian) is a reliable solution that can tell you for sure if there is spyware installed on your phone. It supports nearly 250 Apple devices and can be used with all iOS versions, from 6.0 to the latest installment.


How does it work?

While Certo focuses on detecting spyware on iOS devices, it runs on Windows only (Mac version coming soon) and it works by scanning an iTunes backup. The developers explain that being a computer application, Certo is capable of scanning an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch deeper and more effectively than an app installed on the device itself.


In order to scan your iPhone using Certo, you need to open the application on your computer first. Then you need to connect your iOS device to the computer with a USB cable. The next step is to go to iTunes and create a backup of your device. Once this is done, go to Certo and click “Continue”. Now you can select the backup that you recently created and select “Scan device”.

Certo will start to scan your Apple device to confirm if a spy app has been installed on it. The whole process takes only a few minutes and in the end, Certo will display the results to let you know if a threat was detected. The results can be saved as a PDF document. Certo is simple, efficient and reliable. Advanced technical knowledge is not required and you won’t need to complete a lot of steps. It is easy to use and accurate.


Since jailbreaking is generally required to install spy software on iOS, one of the first things that Certo checks, is if this process has been carried out on your device. When an iOS device is jailbroken, its security restrictions are removed, which allows the installation of third-party apps that are not backed up by Apple. This includes spy apps, which is why finding out that your Apple device has been jailbroken is one of the main indicators of their presence. Certo can detect multiple jailbreak methods and after scanning your iOS device, it will display the information found in its results.


Certo offers a simple, yet sleek interface that gives you access to all the information you need in less than 2 minutes. The application can identify spyware or bugging software with precision. Even if your device hasn’t been jailbroken, Certo will detect any threats that compromise your privacy. Their database covers over 200 different malware signatures, making it an effective solution to detect popular spyware available in the market such as Highster, mSpy and FlexySPY.



There are three plans available. The first one is called iPhone basic and it focuses on finding out if the device has been jailbroken. It supports up to 3 devices and it is available for $29.95 per year. The next option is called Certo iPhone Pro and it is the recommended plan as it offers jailbreak detection, as well as spyware detection. Like the Basic plan, Certo iPhone Pro supports up to 3 devices, but it is a comprehensive security solution to find out if there are any threats hiding in your iPhone. It costs $49.95 per year. Certo iPhone Ultimate is the ideal solution for businesses and individuals who have several Apple devices. The price of this plan is $89.95 per year and it allows you to scan as many devices as you want. All plans offers dedicated customer support available 24/7.


Whether you are concerned about the integrity of your personal information, or confidential work files, Certo is the solution that will let you know if your Apple device is being monitored. Within minutes, you will know without a doubt if you are being targeted by eavesdroppers. If you choose the Pro plan, the cost per month is just above $4 and it allows you to scan three devices. Certo’s website also offer valuable information that will help you to get rid of spyware if it is detected on your device. Overall, it is an effective solution that provides peace of mind to anyone who fears that the privacy of the data on their Apple device has been compromised.


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