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How Do Cell Phone Monitoring Apps Work?

How Do Cell Phone Monitoring Apps Work?

It’s very difficult for the average person to quickly grasp spying and logging software if they are not regular or seasoned followers of the latest technologies on the market. The task of learning how to use iPhones and Androids alone has been daunting, so when you start looking around for tracking app services, it quickly gets intimidating. There are many companies to choose from and varied packages, and some are better for Apple, while others better for Android. But rest assured that it’s not complicated and all of these programs operate in a very similar way. Let’s have a quick look.

From all the different mobile cellphone spy software services to choose from, they will all share similar basic features, while the best services will offer advanced tools such as phone tap bugging or remote camera control. But the way you use the software ultimately operates the same for all of them. Once you got the basic idea, you can extend your knowledge on cell phone tracking services by consulting my complete guide.


First Steps – Installing the App

Once you have picked a compatible service and signed up for it, the next step is to install the app on the mobile device of your choice. It is important to choose a service that is compatible with your hardware, or it will not work. Tablets now make part of compatible devices for some of the top providers, but make sure to check the feature list, as it is often more limited, especially on iPads. Once you have the app installed on the cell phone, the device starts to immediately be monitored, you are ready for the next step, which is remotely accessing the device and data.


Online Control Panel or Dashboard

As mentioned, almost every service is operated in a similar way, which is through an online portal or dashboard on the provider’s website. With your account login, you can access and use all the logs, features, remote control options and even remotely uninstall the tracking app from the device.


mSpy Online Control Panel

This online access platform is pretty much your own little spying and monitoring headquarters station, accessible from anywhere just as long as you can get online. As you can see in the example above for mSpy, the left column will usually display the list of features you can use. Such as;

  • Call logs and Call Recordings
  • GPS Location Tracking with Map
  • Access to Photos, Videos, Text Messages
  • Facebook and Other Social Media Chat Logs

The list goes on, and although most providers offer similar features, if you need specific tools such as alerts for geo-tracking of locations and perimeters, or use of profanity and parental control, it’s a good idea to check out some reviews first, ensuring those features are offered and work on the device you plan to use them on.

Internet Access Needed At All Times

network-accessIt is important to note, that for the cellphone software to work, the device itself needs to be connected to either the carriers data network or Wi-Fi in order to be able to report back and send the data and logs to your service provider’s servers. If the device gets turned off, it cannot be monitored. If the cellphone has bad reception, it can cause for incomplete or missing logs. This does not happen often, but if bad reception is a problem for you, it will most likely cause performance issues.


Choosing a Compatible Service

compatible-spy-appsBefore you buy, check the company’s website for compatibility charts that will quickly allow you to find out what features might not work for your type of cellphone. As mentioned, if the service is not compatible with your device, it will not work. Good services constantly work at updating and fixing bugs, while releasing new versions as new phones hit the market. Taking a few minutes to check first, will avoid certain disappointment, and from the top 5 or 6 companies out there, you are sure to find one that will meet all your needs for almost any type of phone and operating system.

Last Thoughts

To conclude, take with you peace of mind that the learning curve is not very long or difficult. Using the online panel is similar to using any website except of course that it gives you super James Bonds spying abilities that most of us never thought possible. Cell phone monitoring software has come a long way in the last decade and the improvements have made them very simple and effective for just about anyone from network administrators to small business owners and parents.

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  1. I need a service that can be installed on a phone I dont have. Its my spouses. Im finding software that says you can do that.. Is this true

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