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How to make your phone number anonymous

Although we spent centuries without mobile phones, now it is difficult to imagine life without them. These devices have simplified our daily tasks and have allowed us to connect with people in an efficient, affordable and even fun way. Mobile phones have facilitated the development of businesses and have even helped people to sort difficult situations. However, there are occasions in which phone calls can be a nuisance or cases in which you need to protect your phone number. If you don’t want to be called back and prefer to keep your number private, there is a way to do it and here we’ll discuss it.

How to hide your mobile phone number

If you prefer to keep your phone number private or anonymous to prevent unwanted calls or for any other reason, there are different options that you can try. It is possible to keep the number hidden permanently or only for a limited time. One solution that you can try is SpoofCard, which disguises your real number and replaces it with a different one so the recipient won’t be able to contact you back. SpoofCard and similar stealth tools have the advantage of being easy to use. In addition, they work on any phone. However, there are other methods that you can use to keep your phone number private. After all, modern smartphones offer the chance to block the caller ID. Right after you change your mobile phone to block caller ID, your phone number won’t be shown to the receiver. They will see unknown number or anonymous call. If you are calling to a number that you don’t trust, you can try this anonymous calling solution, but it should be noted that this trick doesn’t work in the same way in all countries and their reliability depends on the mobile phone provider.

How to make your number unknown using the block caller ID prefix

Knowing how to make a call without revealing your phone number can be very handy in different cases. The good news is that for Android users, calling anonymously is a process that is very simple. It is possible to hide your cell phone number in the majority of countries. All you need to do is to enter a short code prior to entering the phone number you want to call to. Your phone number won’t be shown to the recipient, but it should be noted that the code is different in every country and it varies between carriers. To be able to make calls anonymously using this method, you need to know the right code for your case so that you can enable block Caller ID.

Although the codes may be different in every country, there are three options that you can try and that work in most cases: #37, *67 and *37#. If you don’t know what is the relevant code for you country or mobile service provider, you can try any of these options. You just need to add any of the codes before the phone number that you wish to dial. If you tried #37, *67 and *37#, but none of them worked, you can reach out to your provider and ask them for the code, if they support this feature.

How to make your number private on Android from the Phone’s Settings

  1. The majority of Android smartphones available nowadays feature the Caller ID blocking function and you can find it in Settings. Then you can go to Phone or Call, depending on your device.
  2. Android KitKat 4.4 users can go to Settings and tap on Call. Then tap Additional Settings and tap on Caller ID.
  3. Set Caller ID to “Hide Number” to make your phone number anonymous. The receiver will see a message that says “Private Number” calling. If you want to disable the feature, all you need to do is to go back, complete the same process and set the Caller ID option to “Show number”.

You will need to adjust the settings and enable the option whenever you make a call. Keep in mind that some carriers don’t support this feature. Before calling the number, it is advisable to make some tests.

How to call someone without showing your number by Contacting your carrier

If your mobile phone carrier supports the feature, they can help you to hide your caller ID, but if they do, it would be on a permanent basis. The problem is that hiding your caller ID permanently may not be a practical solution in most cases. All the calls you make will be anonymous and some people prefer not to answer this type of calls. In fact, many people have set their phones to “Auto Reject” in case they get an anonymous call. You may need to contact someone urgently and make sure that they can see your number, which is why hiding your caller ID with the help of your mobile carrier may not be the best choice. In order to show the caller ID, you will need to add the prefix *31# or * 82.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the service is not available for free. Your provider will apply additional charges according to their terms. In addition, it is likely that there are some restrictions. For instance, they may only support this feature when you have a pre-paid plan. If you still want to get your carrier to hide your Caller ID, you can contact them. It is likely that they ask you why you want to hide your phone number permanently and may advise you not to choose this feature.

How to make your phone number private on iPhone

iPhone users can also hide their phone number. When you select the Show My CallerID checkbox, all the phone calls you make will remain private. The receiver won’t see your phone number and all you need to do is to follow the below instructions:

  1. Go to “Settings” and click on “Phone”.
  2. Click on “Show My Caller ID”
  3. Set the Slide to OFF.

The feature works in pretty much all iPhone versions so you shouldn’t have issues disabling calls from the Caller ID settings.

How to Fake your number

For most people, anonymous phone calls raise suspicion and they prefer not to answer. If you don’t want to reveal your phone number, but don’t want your call to be rejected, you can use software that replaces your number with a fake one. It is possible to find a variety of caller ID spoofing applications that work on Android and iOS. The downside is that some of these apps have been banned from the app stores, so there are limited options available. However, you can rely on SpoofCard. This app lets you select the number that you want to use instead of your real one. In addition, you can change your voice or add background sounds. You can try SpoofCard for free (one call) but to use the app, you will need to purchase credits to make calls without exposing your real phone number.

What you need to keep in mind

While the above mentioned methods will work for general calls, it should be noted that there are cases when you won’t be able to keep your phone number hidden. For instance, the majority of toll-free 800 and 900 numbers don’t allow Caller ID blocking and when you call an emergency service line, your number will always be displayed. Call recipients can also select an option to block anonymous calls. In that case, you would receive a message letting you know that the number you call doesn’t accept calls from an anonymous number. In these situation, you can enable the caller ID temporarily by dialing *82, if you are in North America.

It is also important to keep in mind that the methods for anonymous calling are not 100% effective. This is because the rules regarding anonymous call vary between carriers and countries. Before attempting an anonymous call to the number you want, it is advisable to test if the feature works. You can call a friend and ask them to help you to check if they can see your number. Also, remember that anonymous calls should only be made for legitimate purposes. If you use this feature to obtain information illegally or with any bad intention, you would be acting against the law.

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