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How to Spy on an Android Phone Without Rooting

How to Spy on an Android Phone Without Rooting


Smartphones are widely used across the world and they are an important part of our daily lives. We spend a lot of time checking out phones, chatting with friends or family, or browsing internet and watching videos. The new generations are very familiar with technology and it is common for teenagers and even younger children, to have their own device. While this can be convenient in many situations, it also poses a risk and it is important that parents pay attention to the way in which their kids use their mobile phones. In an ideal world, parents would be able to ask their children to tell them who they are talking to and what content they access on their devices, knowing that they can get straight, truthful answers.

However, out of fear or rebellion, it is likely that kids try to hide some information from their parents. If they know that their parents are going to check their phone, they may delete messages, photos and any other records. This means that parents will not get a realistic idea of what is happening. This is why, mobile spy apps have become so popular as they allow you to get a clear, real picture of the way in which your child uses their phone. Android is a very popular platform and it is likely that it is the system used on your kid’s device, this is why it is important to know how you can monitor Android.

There is an extensive selection of software designed to help you to monitor a mobile phone and they support not only Android, but also other platforms like iOS, Windows phone and Blackberry. Apart from using a mobile monitoring app to keep track of your kid’s smartphone, you can also opt for a desktop monitoring solution that lets you check what websites and services they use on their computer. In this article, we will focus on mobile phone apps that will give you access to the activity on an Android smartphone.

Spying on an Android Smartphone without rooting

While rooting is not required for the main features offered by spy app, there are some cases in which it may be necessary. Rooting is a process that frees the Android device from all the restrictions implemented by the manufacturer. A rooted device supports more functions and allows access to third-party applications that are not available in Google Play. In most cases, you will be able to monitor an Android phone, regardless of the brand, without having to root the device. Using a spy app on an Android phone that hasn’t been rooted will give you the possibility of monitoring basic information. However, if you want to use advanced features like call recording (supported by FlexiSpy) or to access activity from WhatsApp, FAcebook and other third-party apps, you will need to root the phone.

Here is a list of the main features that are supported by most spy applications on devices that have not been rooted. Keep in mind that this may vary between providers.

  • You will be able to check call logs with date and time stamp, as well as the Contacts list.
  • You will also get access to SMS or text messages received and sent from the phone you are monitoring. Even if the messages are deleted, they will get stored on the spy app server.
  • The browsing history will also be available so you will see what websites are being visited by your kids. You will also see the content they bookmark.
  • Access to calendar, reminders, saved notes and more. This will allow you to check their schedule and find out what plans they have.
  • Check emails, see photos and videos by getting access to their media folder.
  • You can also get an overview of the apps that have been installed on the target phone and you will even have the option to block inappropriate apps and games.
  • If the SIM is changed on the target device, you will get a notification by email or text message. If you are using mSPy and the app is uninstalled, you will also be alerted.
  • Using the GPS functionality on the smartphone, you will be able to tracks your childe’s whereabouts.

Advanced Features

The above mentioned options are likely to be available without rooting, but if you are looking for advanced monitoring features, you may need to root the device. This process can give you access to the below options when you choose a Premium plan from a spy software company. Again, keep in mind that the options depend on the provider chosen.

  • Block inappropriate apps and websites – If you come across apps and content that are not appropriate for your kids but that they have installed on their device, you can block them.
  • Restrict Incoming Calls – You will be able to prevent them from receiving certain calls.
  • Keylogger – You will be able to find out the information that the target user types on their mobile device.
  • Geo-Fencing – This option allows you to set a virtual fence, establishing a separation between safe areas and those you feel your child shouldn’t visit. If the app detects that the target phone is in the restricted locations, you will be notified immediately.
  • Location details – You can get a clear picture of the places they visit by gathering the data of all the WiFi hotspots, they have connected to. It is also possible to control wireless connections from your own spy web account through the dashboard.
  • Lock the device remotely – You will have the possibility of locking the target user’s smartphone remotely.
  • Track Instant Messenger Apps – These apps are very popular among kids and you will be able to follow up on their conversations. Here are some of the options covered by Spy apps.


WhatsApp is widely used and it allows group chats as well as 1:1 conversations. You will be able to see the messages and content shared through this app.


This app allows users to share photos, drawings and short videos. With a Spy app, you will be able to see the images and content shared in chronological order. Although Snapchat allows time limits and usually the files disappear after a few seconds, you will be able to see the data whenever you need to as it gets stored in the control panel of your online account.


Skype supports video call and texts and it is another widely used application. You can get access to the conversations held via Skype with the help of a Spy app.

Facebook Messenger

You will be able to see who they talk to and what is discussed in this popular app.


Instagram is the preferred option for many people since it allows them to post their favorite photos and short videos. Instagram offers advanced filters to customize the images. Since the content can be shared with others, it is important to see what photos and videos your kids is posting.

Viber and LINE

These are also popular instant communication options and you will get access to their conversations and will see who they are talking to.

Choosing a spy app

mSpy, FlexiSPY and Highster are the most recognized options when it comes to spy software. In order to choose the right solution for your needs, it is important that you visit their websites to check all the features their support. The best spy apps offer an easy to use interface that allows you to get access to all the information collected, without any hassle. They also offer free regular updates to stay up with the latest OS and reliable customer support. Additionally, if the target user changes their device, most companies allow you to install the app on the new handset without additional cost.


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