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How to spy on Facebook messages of a cheating spouse

How to spy on Facebook messages of a cheating spouse

Facebook gives you access to many details about someone’s life and if your partner is having an affair, you may find some clues in this popular social platform. Perhaps you have noticed that they spend more time on Facebook or that they have added new friends. Maybe they have hidden information (such as relationship status or list of friends) that used to be available for others to see. If you suspect that they are being dishonest with you and need to find more than clues, it is possible that you are in need of a spy app. This technology can allow you to reveal the truth as you will be able to access their activity on Facebook and much more.

Find out if they are being unfaithful

Mobile phone spy apps will allow you to see beyond the lies, but it is important to note that they need to be installed directly on your partner’s smartphone. Before getting spy software, check if it is compatible with their device. Once you have purchased a subscription to a spy app, you will need to install it on the phone that you want to monitor. Then you can access your online account entering your login details, to be able to see all the information that the spy software has gathered. Since Facebook is such a popular social platform, many spy apps offer the possibility of checking Facebook Messenger conversations. You will be to read group and individual chats, along with information like date and time of the conversations. You will also be able to see the photos, videos and links shared.

How to use spy app

FlexiSPY and mSpy are some of the most popular spy apps available. Before choosing the spy software that suits your needs, it is important to check the specifications to make sure that it is compatible with the device you want to monitor. In the spy app’s website, you should find the full list of operating systems, brands and models supported. Once you pay for a subscription to a spy app, you will receive a registration email with instructions to install the program on the target device.

To be able to use a monitoring solution that gives you access to your spouse’s Facebook, you need physical access to the smartphone so that you can download and install the app on it. The installation process should only take a few minutes, but it is important that you follow the steps carefully. Keep in mind that if you want to monitor an iPhone, you will need to jailbreak it first. In the case of Android, the device should be rooted. Completing these processes will give you access to advanced features.

How to view the information

Once the app is running on the target device, it will start collecting data, which is then uploaded to their servers. The information can then be accessed by you, thorough an online account on the website. You just need to connect to internet and log in to the account using the credentials created at the time of registration. In your account, you will be able to see all the information logged from Facebook. It is also possible to download and save the information collected, in case you need it for later reference or as indisputable evidence.


Since spy apps are not visible on the target phone and run in the background, your partner will not notice that they are being monitored. Spy apps remain hidden so you can discreetly collect information without being detected. As previously mentioned, mSpy and FlexiSPY are two of the solutions you can choose to monitor Facebook. If you suspect that your loved one is not being truthful and you want to find out once and for all if they are cheating on you, spy software offers an effective, affordable and discreet alternative. Apart from giving you the option to check their activity on Facebook, spy apps let you read texts, see call logs and much more.

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