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How to Spy on Someone’s iPhone Texts Messages without Jailbreak

How to Spy on Someone’s iPhone Texts Messages without Jailbreak

Due to the security restrictions implemented by Apple, in order to install third-party applications (such as a spy app) on an iPhone, you would need to jailbreak the device first. Jailbreaking an iOS device removes all the restrictions set by the manufacturer and opens the door to extended functionality on the iPhone or iPad. Once the device is jailbroken, it will be possible to install apps and games that are not available in the App Store.

While the process is relatively simple and secure (as long as you follow the right instructions), many users would prefer not to jailbreak the device. This my be because they find the process complicated and don’t want to take the risk, in case they may cause any damage on the iPhone or iPad. If you need to spy on someone’s text messages on an iPhone, but don’t want to jailbreak the device, you can follow the steps that will be discussed in this guide.

It should be noted that without jailbreaking the iPhone, the monitoring abilities of a spy app are limited. However, if you are mainly interested in reading text messages and other basic information, you can opt for this solution that doesn’t require jailbreak.

How to spy on iPhone text messages without jailbreaking the device

It is possible to access text messages, as well as chats on apps kike WhatsApp without jailbreaking the device. What you need is a spy method that rely’s on the user’s iCloud account information. You just need to know the Apple ID and the password of the iOS device that you want to monitor. With this information, you will be able to check the user’s text messages.

The process to monitor conversations via iCloud, doesn’t require you to jailbreak the device and there is no need to install software on the iPhone. It is a simple solution, even for those who don’t have high technical skills and it will allow you to monitor any iPhone without jailbreaking it and without requiring physical access to the device. Here are the steps that you need to follow.

  1. Get mSpy’s solution for monitoring non-jailbroken iOS devices. This option gives you the possibility of accessing SMS texts, WhatsApp messages, call logs, Contacts, Notes, Browser History and more. Remember that you need to have the iCloud credentials.
  2. Once you register with mSpy using your email address, you will get the login details that you can use to complete the process to start monitoring the device.
  3. After logging in with the registered email and password, you will be asked to provide details of the platform you wish to monitor. In this case, you should select iPhone without jailbreak.
  4. The last step is to enter the Apple ID and password of the user whose activity you want to monitor. After just a few minutes, all the information will be available in the control panel of your mSpy account.

With mSpy’s solution you will be able to see WhatsApp chats, text messages on the target person’s iPhone and and will find out who they are chatting to. As mentioned, other practical features are supported by this solutions including the possibility to see browsing history and apps installed. It should be noted that this method requires that iCloud backup is enabled on the device you want to monitor.

What to do if iCloud backup is not enabled

In the process that we previously described, having physical access to the device was not required. However, if iCloud backup is not enabled, you will need to opt for an alternative solution. You need to have the phone at hand and then, you can follow the below steps.

  1. Go to Settings and scroll down until you see iCloud
  2. Tap the iCloud option and toggle it on
  3. While you have the iPhone, make sure that you tap all the applications that you wish to monitor.
  4. To enable Instant Messenger backup, tap the iCloud Drive. Enable the backup of chat messengers such as WhatsApp.

What information can you access?

Now we’ll take a closer look at the activity that you can monitor with the help of mSpy. This app works discreetly and will not be detected by the user.

Call Logs
The information of the calls made and received is also logged and you can access it from the control panel of your mSpy account. The details that you will be able to see include call duration, date and time stamp.

You will be able to see all their contacts and the details associated to them such as company or email address. You can also see the events saved.
Browsing History

This feature is very useful for parents who are concerned about the websites that their kids visit. The entire web history is collected so you will know if your children are accessing content that is dangerous or not appropriate for their age.


You can also check the notes saved to the iOS device. These notes can be accessed when you log in to your web account.

WhatsApp Messages

It is also possible to see all the messages received and sent via WhatsApp. You will see the date and time stamp, as well as the contact they are talking to. It is important to keep in mind that it is only possible to access WhatsApp chats if the Chat Backup is enabled in the targeted iPhone’s settings. If this is option is not active, you need to get the phone to enable it, following these steps:

  1. Tap on WhatsApp
  2. Go to Settings, then select Chat Settings and Chat backup
  3. Toggle the Auto-Backup option on

Installed Applications

You will get to see to the list of apps and games installed on the device.


While the non-jailbreak solution offers a limited set of features, it is a convenient solution for those who prefer not to complete the jailbreaking process. If you have the iCloud credentials, the process is very simple. If you need advanced features such as GPS tracking, access to Snapchat, Facebook and other applications, then jailbreaking the device would be the best option.

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