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How to Spy on your Child’s Kik Messenger?

How to Spy on your Child’s Kik Messenger?

Kik is a convenient solution to communicate with friends and family and it is a fun and effective alternative to email and text messages. This messaging application can be downloaded for free and it is used by many teenagers due to its practical features. The problem is that in some cases, Kik is used for sharing nude selfies and other content that is not appropriate for minors. This is why many parents are concerned about the way their kids use Kik and they want to look for ways to monitor this app, as well as other options that support messaging and media files sharing.

While Kik may be a good way to interact with friends, it may also be used in a dangerous way by kids. Some of them may feel under pressure or may want to comply with the requests of their friends and as a result, they end up participating in bullying or exchanging obscene images. It is important to make sure that your kids understand the risks involved so that they use these apps in a safer way. But before parents take on the task of spying on their children’s Kik messages, it is important that they become familiar with the features that the app supports.

This app works with Android and iOS and users don’t need to use their phone number to connect with others since the app works with username instead. You can chat with users in the platforms without sharing your mobile phone number. It is possible to participate in chat groups or to communicate directly with a specific user, sending messages or sharing videos, photos and audio tracks. Kik notifies you about messaging activity and you can see when the other person is typing.

Kik also supports integration with popular social apps like Instagram and it includes a browser that allows you to visit websites and share links within the app. It is possible to invite people to join Kik sending a SMS text, an email or through social media apps. Kik features a large range of emoticons and you can customize your profile picture and select the contact information that you wish to share. There is also an option to personalize the appearance of the chat display. In terms of privacy, users can restrict the option to share phone contacts with their Kik contacts. It is also possible to block contacts and to adjust other settings to protect your information.

Security Tips for Kik Messenger

Stopping your kids from using Kik may not be the bets option. It is likely that they would find a way to use it anyway, so the least you can do is to talk to them and ask them to consider some options to remain safe while they user Kik.

First of all, it is important to make sure that they have enabled the necessary privacy settings to ensure that they are protected while using the app. Also, they shouldn’t share their Kik username on other social media apps or public forums.

Advise them not to accept the requests for Kik that are sent via Facebook, Instagram and other platforms. Parents should also be aware of porn bots, which are automated programs that can lead to porn websites through a message containing a link or a photo.

Discussing with your children the advantages, as well as the risks of using Kik is crucial. Even if you think that they are not using the app, it is possible that it is hidden from their screen. Talk to them about the possible dangers that lurk in apps like Kik such as predators. Kik offers an age range filter to chat with people of a specific age group only. However, many predators pose as kids and it is important to highlight the importance of being cautious with strangers. Advise your kids to avoid chatting to anonymous users and those who they don’t know offline.

Parental Responsibility

It is understandable that some parents want to take measures to monitor their children’s online activities. Apps like Kik can be very practical and fun for kids, but they can also be dangerous. To make sure that your kids are safe, you may want to consider installing a monitoring app like FlexiSPY. This is one of the best options available when it comes to spy software. It offers the possibility of monitoring Kik messages and activity from other apps. You just need to install the app on their smartphone and the app will start tracking information that you can access online, from your FlexiSPY account. This will give you peace of mind as you will see if there is any reason of concern and will be able to take action if needed.

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