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How to Install Cell Phone Spy Software

How to Install Cell Phone Spy Software

When it comes to installing cell phone spy software, it’s not much different than any other type of application. However, there are some specific requirements that could initially confuse first time users. I took the time to browse vendor forums and user reviews in order to find out more about negative customer experiences related to installing the software itself. I was able to determine some important factors that would be common recurrence on most of the complaints, and was able to formulate the following guide to assist in better preparing, and understanding the simple, but specific process of installing cell phone spy apps.

There are many different vendors offering similar services, some much better than others, but for the most part, the purchase, download, installation, and configuration of these apps are more or less the same. Some minor variances can exist from one phone’s operating system to another due to the version you might be running, but that usually relates to locating a specific menu. What’s more important is ensuring that you have everything needed to complete the install, as well as having confirmed the device is fully compatible with the service you chose.

Below is a checklist for all the pre-requisites of installing spy software on your smartphone:

  • Start by confirming compatibility with your smartphone.
  • You must have physical access to the smartphone.
  • You must have the password to unlock the smartphone.
  • You must at minimum have a data plan, and preferably readily available Wi-Fi.
  • If on iPhone, or iPad, device must be jailbroken.
  • If on Android, rooting is required for various features, including IM chat logs.


How-To Install Cell Phone Monitoring Software Overview

The process is straight forward, and you should not feel worried or stressed once you have learned the fundamental requirements for your device to be compatible with the service you want. Every app will slightly differ in regards to the steps taken during the installation process, but it’s all more or less the same thing.

  • Step #1) Confirm compatibility with your smartphone or tablet.
  • Step #2) Purchase the monitoring software of your choice.
  • Step #3) Service will require you to create an account, and an email is usually sent.
    *if you do not receive your email, first check spam folder, if still negative, contact support.*
  • Step #4) Register account, and take note of your username and password.
  • Step #5) Vendor will provide a download link for the app, download and install by following the link directly from your target cell phone or tablet.
  • Step #6) Launch the app, and enter the required username/password, or additional unique code, also sent by email.
    *device might require a restart, and will prompt you to do so.*
  • Step #7) Configure your settings, such as how often to upload phone logs to your online account.
  • Step #8) You’re now ready to test your service through your online dashboard account.

As mentioned, the listed steps are likely to differ, or have a different order from one vendor to another, but the similarity is enough to give you a clear idea of what to expect.


Important Reminders

  • Don’t forget to note down your username and password when you first create the account, as well as the activation code sent shortly after. This will save you the frustration of resetting your login, or frantically searching for the activation code during your initial configuration process.
  • Take your time, be patient. Rushing often results in small errors, or oversights. Take the time to read and follow the instructions provided by the vendor. Follow the email instructions after payment, and you should be done within minutes.
  • Remember that the device needs to have an active internet connection to properly operate, and that you will need access to a computer with internet in order to login to your online account and retrieve the collected phone data. You can also login from a separate mobile device, but using a computer or laptop is usually much easier, and efficient for browsing a website.
  • It also helps to have a computer present during the installation process, in order to make the purchase, create an account, quickly access your account detail, as well as login and configure your settings, and finally test the service working.


Common Problems Faced When Installing Cell Phone Spy Software

Here are the issues, or common complaints I gathered from various customers, whom had trouble completing their app installation, or configuration. Before I begin, I wish to state that most of these are due to user error, and not so much a faulty service. Unfortunately, we sometimes land on these websites with no prior knowledge to terms such as “jailbreaking” or “rooting”, and therefore lack a proper understanding of the requirements for service compatibility.

  • User did not properly verify smartphone’s operating system version for compatibility, or confirm that specific features we’re compatible on the targeted platform.
  • User’s Android is not rooted, and most of the features they expected to use are not working. Although rooting your Android device is not required to install the app, many functions, especially third party chat messengers, will not be supported.
  • User does not have active internet access, either through a 3G/4G data plan during installation, or afterwards. It’s important to understand that the phone must have access to the web in order to download, and install the app, as well as for sending the collected data back to your account. If the device never or rarely goes online, it’s not possible for the app to send back text message logs, and so forth. Internet is a requirement for both installing and using cell phone spy software.
  • User does not actually have access to the phone, or lacks the password to unlock it. This one is a sure sign that the user is most likely attempting to install the software on someone else’s device, most likely breaking the law. In order to use spy software, you must have physical access to the phone or tablet in order to install the software. Do not fall victim to fake remote install spy software offers, it’s not possible.


Troubleshooting and Technical Support

It would be unfair to say that all problems result from user error. Many times, you can run into troubles of hiccups after successfully installing the app. Software bugs and service interruptions can put a stick in your wheel, and make you want to pull your hair out. Whether you run into such troubles, or simply wish to have some helpful assistance to walk you through the installation process, all reputable and quality spy monitoring vendors offer after sale support.

Support can usually be contact a number of ways, starting with email, telephone, and online chat. It should be noted that these technical support teams are eager to help you, for the specific reason that they have a direct goal of ensuring that you successfully install, and configure your monitoring service. If you fail to do so, you’re likely to ask for a refund, and a support agent will take all the possible steps to assist you, and resolve all your concerns.

In conclusion, you should not be afraid of attempting to install and configure the app yourself, since it’s just like installing any other software. The difficulty rather lies in the preliminary steps required to ensure your cell phone is indeed compatible. So, the most important step is to initially familiarize yourself with your device, and what is required of it to operate monitoring services. Once you have completed this task, and have successfully installed your service, it’s now time to start using your online dashboard.

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