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How to Detect If Your Cellphone Is Being Tapped, Tracked, Monitored or Spied On

How to Detect If Your Cellphone Is Being Tapped, Tracked, Monitored or Spied On


From time to time, some of our visitors contact us concerned that someone may have install monitoring programs on their device without their consent or knowledge, and had been unsuccessful and finding useful information online. The reason for this, is because these programs are made to run in complete stealth, this protects the user in case the device is stolen or in the wrong hands. Sometimes, however, the concern is that someone might have installed spy software on a device you own, without your consent. This is often the case with marriage infidelity suspicions, causing one of the partners to secretly monitor the other’s cellphone or computer.

SpyNowadays, we literally have our whole lives on these tiny smartphones. What once use to be a simple device to call and eventually text people, has become a powerhouse pocket computer containing far more than just a few names, phone numbers and messages. You probably use email, social media, and various other online services including banking information, and all of these details can be monitored if the phone or tablet is being tracked. Our dependence on these new technologies also puts us at risk, and the need to know about this kind of software, and protect yourself from it, has become a real need for many of us. So how do you know if your phone is being spied on?

Most people have no idea these services even exist, how powerful they are, but more importantly how accessible it is for anyone to utilize them. It sounds like a James Bond movie, but these tools are no longer reserved for secret government espionage organizations, everyone at home can use them too. The various functions spy programs offer are enough to be extremely invasive on your privacy and should not be taken lightly. Understanding and knowing what monitoring services can do, is a good first step to being better capable of detecting them on your phone. Although the software is mostly undetectable, there are a few telltale signs to help us determine if there is probable cause to look further.



How to Find out If Your Phone Has Spy Apps on It


The hard question to answer remains whether or not your device is being tracked or hacked in any way, simply because of how they are designed to be completely invisible, undetectable and very stealthy while in operation. You won’t see an App icon for it and the better the service, the harder it is to detect. So, how do you do it? As we suggested, first take a look around at what features and capabilities these apps offer, once you have a basic understanding, you have to come to the realization that some of the best services out there would require an expert mobile technician or security advisor in order to really detect these using advanced forensic tools. But, not all is lost, as there are a few ways to try and at least get some kind of idea.

When your phone is being tracked, it will be automatically having to send data back and forward to provide all the logs, history, access and message copies back to the perpetrator controlling it behind closed doors. Some of the less dependable and cheap services out there can cause for out of the ordinary things to happen with your phone. Let’s quickly go over a list of suspect signs to watch out for.

Battery_levelsBattery Drains Way Faster: If you start noticing that your battery charge is going down much faster on standby mode than ever before, that is a possible strong factor to keep an eye out for. Don’t forget that batteries slowly diminish with time and after a year, it certainly will not have the same capacity and performance, but if it changes from one day to another, especially when you are never utilizing it or turning on the screen, something is wrong. It could just be the battery or the fact that you installed too many apps! But, since spy apps can utilize the camera, microphone and have to often send data back, it could cause for fast battery draining.

google-services-data-usageData Usage Increase: If you notice that your data usage is going up, yet you have been spending less time or no time online, this can be due to a few factors. Recently installed apps that stay running in the background, some other malware on your phone, or spy apps. Monitoring apps have to constantly report back, and older or cheaper services often use way more data than they should. If the person monitoring you is constantly using the video camera or microphone or downloading your data, it will likely be felt on your monthly data usage. This could be a tricky one, since it requires you to know how much data you regularly use over a basis of many months to really get a clear picture. There are plenty of apps available for Android, Apple and all other mobile platforms that help you manage and track your data usage, both on your data plan and Wi-Fi.

spy-weird-signsUnusual Signs: Depending on the service used by the perpetrator, it can be less effective at being stealthy. Some buggy apps can cause the phone to crash and stop responding, or shutting off even on full charge. Really bad ones will fail to conceal the flash or record light when using the camera, while in-use lights might come on if the microphone is activated. Anything out of the ordinary that becomes regular is enough to consider and look further, but don’t freak out, all of these fit the bill as being strictly technical problems with the device. These little things can vary but some of the main ones are:

  • Device shuts Off/On by itself.
  • Lights come on when device is idle.
  • Constantly crashing.
  • Device is making calls / sending texts on its own.

cyrptic-sms-text-spyCryptic Text Messages: Certain spy software allows the user to remote control the cellphone or tablet by sending in special text messages. Top quality software manages to effectively hide these messages and ensure the device never actually receives or alerts of them in the inbox, but the bad ones don’t. If you start regularly receiving SMS’s that don’t make sense and possibly contain series or random letters, numbers and/or symbols, it may be someone on the other end sending the phone remote commands.

static-feedback-phone-spyStatic Noise / Feedback on Calls: Once again, don’t freak out, as this is very common to happen on many calls, but if you constantly get feedback and static on many of your calls, at the least, your device needs some form of repair. Just a few years back, many monitoring programs would utilise conference call technology in order to eavesdrop on calls, but since the technology has advanced and only a few service providers still utilize that system. The downside is that it can cause echo and feedback, easily detected on calls. If you hear voices or beeps on a regular basis, you might want to consider checking it out.

jailbreakJailbroken iPhone: For Apple users, apps cannot be installed unless they are sold on the Apple Store, and therefore jailbreaking iDevices became common practice by many users, especially the techy ones. Ultimately, you jail break your iPhone in order to be able to install 3rd party apps and software that you would otherwise not be able to, or would have to pay for on the store. In order to install a tracking app on the iPhone or iPad, it has to be jailbroken, therefore if you discover your iPhone was, but you had nothing to do with it, that’s a red flag that someone around you could have done it, unless it was a pre-owned device, which in that case, it could have been done already.

There is an exception to this rule, with services from mSpy or Mobistealth, which allows for similar monitoring to be done on iDevices without jail breaking by using iCloud backups instead. They keep track of everything that iCloud can backup. It’s not as extensive, not nearly, and also has to be configured properly, but it’s an alternative none the less.

android-rootRooted Android: Even though it’s not required to root your Android to install tracking software, it does not mean that many people don’t do it for that specific purpose. Some functions are limited to rooted Androids only. Sometimes, third party applications like WhatsApp, Skype and full keylogging (saves every key typed on keyboard of phone) can only be accessed, monitored and logged if the device is rooted. With that said, don’t completely dismiss verifying if your cell phone or android tablet has been rooted without your knowledge.

Rooting your Android provides a multitude of advantages, especially for the more techy or advanced users, so it can be that it was rooted for legitimate reasons, especially if you purchased the device from someone else, as oppose to new in box. Read on here for more information about rooting, the advantages of doing so, and the difference between this and Jailbreaking,

How to Detect If Your iPhone Has Been Jailbroken

iPhone-5-Cydia-home-screenThere are a few common apps used after you jailbreak apple devices that can help you quickly detect if your iPhone may have been tampered with. These extra Apps are used to actually download all the free apps you want. Cydia is the most used of them all, but some alternatives exist, such as Infinity Installer, Cyder, and iNoCydia. If you see any of these application icons on your iPhone, iPad or even iPod and are certain you never had a friend jailbreak it for you, someone else must have. Very often, the person doing this will be tech-savvy enough to delete the icons, but if you quickly learn how to search in your directories, you should be able to find them. A great and easy tip, is to try using the search feature on the phone  for “Cydia” or some of the alternatives, if the app icon has been hidden, but the app is still installed, it should come up in the results.

For any of these signs to represent a risk of spy apps being installed on your cell phone, it would require a combination of them starting to appear suddenly, one symptom alone would not be enough to raise any doubts. Once you have gone through this checklist, if you do have any suspicion, it’s time to pass to action and get rid of those unwanted programs. Read on to our guide on how to remove spy apps from your cellphone and how to better secure your cell phone from tracking software, to effectively get rid of unwanted espionage tools and/or secure your mobile device from future attacks.


  1. If you’re using an iPhone try a program called Certo iPhone to detect spy apps. It worked for me.

    • I don’t see it in App Store is there another name for it

  2. Is there a way to tell if someone has put spyware on my Samsung Galaxy 6? I read the article and I still do not understand if I can detect a spyware on my phone. Because I feel like I have nothing to hide I actually gave my phone to my boyfriend when he has to look at something and I went and took a shower. Now I feel like he has put something on my phone to track my text messages. Although there’s nothing to hide I feel that this is very invasive and I would like to know if he did it.

    • install Anti Spy Mobile Pro $3.99. It is designed to detect any spy or suspicions applications.

      • I just did how do you make it work

    • No LiSA!!!!!!
      i didn’t install anything on your phone!!!
      But thanks for what you did to my iPhone!!!! I to never had anything i actually needed to hide either. But I’m still trying to figure out what you did to my phone. I think I just figured out what app is needed to be used,,,,, “just ask me ” call me and I’ll tell you whatever you want to know! I honestly never would of even thought about doing that to you back then!
      But I would like to know now what your doing and who you are doing it with if,, anyone! Cause I’m not! But I’m sure you know that already LISA.,,,,.,,…………1O!!

    • i didn’t do anything to your phone faulkner but i have found what you put on my iphone crazy that i confirmed it on the site you used to do it on. and fyi when we were together i never did anything i needed to hide from you either so why are you using this on me now 7 mo after we separate and after 7/3/17 i guess if i need to tell you anything i can just call myself finding out this was on my phone was verry easy being that i put it on your phone first exactly when you described so i gues if you want to tell me anything text your self or better yet call me and we can work out a trade i’m guessing these posts won’t be up much longer buy lisa marie

      this stuff really works i can prove it. best one on the market just ask one of us just be careful on how you choose to look at the victims information. just know it can be found cause it can be found if there smarter than the phone.

    • hi lisa. I see your message and I have a galaxy6 and had often coincidences of conversations or whereabouts. I appreciate help detecting and stopping him.

  3. Is it possible for someone to install monitoring software without having access to the cell phone?

    • No, it is not possible to actually “install” anything without having physical access to your phone, as we cover here: https://spyappsmobile.com/is-it-possible-to-remote-install-spying-software/

      However, if you’re an Apple user, keep in mind that if someone has your iCloud login details, they can access everything you sync from your phone. Just like if they had your email password, they can read your emails.

      • Hi SpyAppsMobile,

        Just wondering if you could help alleviate my fears. I had a stalking family member put spyware on my Android phone. I restored to factory setting thinking this would get rid of the spyware and the “root access” as well and found that “ChainsDD” was still on there (it was still rooted).
        No one has had any physical access since but are there any apps that could still be used as spyware in this case i.e. I restored factory settings but still had root access or would the factory restore have remove them?
        Any feedback would be much appreciated as I put my email access back on the phone and I am worried that the “stalker” might know where I am moving too.


        • It is normal that a factory reset did not remove root from your device. If you did a factory reset then chances are you most likely got rid of any commercial spyapps that he they may have installed. However, if they are particularly tech savvy, it is possible that someone could hide monitoring software in the root folder itself, which may have protected it from the factory reset. With that said, I’d say it’s highly unlikely, and you probably don’t need to worry unless this stalker is a tech wiz.

      • what abt mspy….without touching phone can they hacked

        • There are lots of spyware can stalking target device without physical access the phone.
          The stalker can spy your phone with only the Apple ID. I am facing the same problem right now and lastly I choose to change my phone.

          • I have changed my phone and they have gotten back into my Iphone. No matter what phone I get they continue to get in it how I do not know. I have changed phones, changed numbers and carriers.

  4. Is there a way to put Spyware on a phone out of state? I ask because of issues with an ex when talking to my phone carrier they saw something that was not their app and said to call fraud?

    • Can you elaborate your situation? When you say out of state, what do you mean exactly?

  5. I want to stop people from tracking and spying on my phone

  6. I got the s7 edge phone a few weeks ago, how do I tell if someone is tracking my phone? It sometimes acts weird and knocks me out of websites I’m reading. If it is being tracked how do I stop it?

    • That does not sound like anything regarding phone monitoring. If your web browser is crashing, it would be a phone software problem. Has someone but yourself had access to your phone, and the ability to unlock it in order to install monitoring software without your knowledge? Do you suspect someone in your family or close to you to be spying on you?

      • There was an icon on the top left corner of my cell phone. It looked like a cell phone with a check on the bottom, right corner. Not sure if it was related to whatsapp only. Something blinked very fast as well. I think it was orange or red in colour. Does it ring any bells?

  7. Is it possible for the spying app to send reports when there is no data connection

    • Depends what you mean by ‘data connection’ – It is not possible for it to send reports without an internet connection, but this connection can come two ways – either your phone or tablet has a ‘data plan’ that is active, which means your service provider gives you web access, or also if you are connected to another internet connection point by Wi-Fi.

      Some phone users don’t have data plans because of the related costs, but still get online using home or shared wifi connections, and this connection can also be used to send back reports, but if the device is always offline, the app would not work or send back reports.

  8. Hi,

    I found an app on my ihpone 6Plus that i have never seen or downloaded myself. It is called ”phone monitor” and it is a blue coloured app with a picture of a mobile phone on it. I came accross it in my settings where all my apps were as it was never on my main screen where all my other apps are. However recently my phone automaically retsarted and stayed in ”safe mode.” Once it was in safe mode, this app along with cydia appeared on my normal main screen with the rest of my apps. Is there a way to find out who or when this app was first put on my phone?

  9. I have a Samsung S7 and I am sure my wife has installed a spying software on it. I found an icon in the apps folder that was black with a zigzagging line. It said device control center. I clicked and it said I should put my email address and password to access the device control center. I tried my email address but it did not recognize it. However when i put my wifes e-mail address and clicked forgot password it said password sent to address. I asked my wife who denied receiving any e-mail. What made me suspicious was that the icon disappeared mysteriously. Could it be that she deleted the monitoring software or has just hidden the icon. Any software that I can install to sweep my phone?

  10. Is there a way to find out WHO put the spyware on my phone?

  11. Several months ago my husband and I got new laptops. I kept catching him up late at night on My laptop or messing with his phone. Then next thing I knew there was a new user added to my laptop and apps kept re-apearing like Group Share, Or apps that mirror what im doing on my phone or laptop and things weren’t running right. That laptop had nothing saved on it other than 2 photo sessions with clients but yet the memory was full. Same thing goes for my Samsung Galaxy S 5….. I don’t know how he does it, but even if I keep it pass code protected he will find a way into it and restore deleted txt. No not because I’m cheating, texts I have sent to my family or emails to my dad even. How can I truly stop him from doing this? How is he doing this? Last week I noticed my texts were being received out of order, everything was running slower… then sure enough he comes at me with a text I know had been deleted. I’ve dug through apps to see if there is anything I didn’t download, I find nothing. However, all I can think of is that he’s removing and replacing my SD card. Because it’s a 16 gig phone with hardly any apps… but yet I’m low on storage. Is that possible?

    • I can’t help you with your question, but I can offer you advice to get the heck out of dodge…AND FAST. This is no way to live your life. He’s a controller and it will only get worse. Trust me. I have been there, lived it. And if you are cheating, all the more reason to get out. It is not going to get better. Be strong and move along. You do not need or deserve to be treated like this. No one does.

  12. How can someone spy on my phone, track my location, listen to my conversations, see my contacts, text my contact as if it was me (spoof texting) and see my call logs, and even trigger my mic to hear my surroundings and camera to see whats near my phone? All of the above along with some spoof texting has been going on. The person has not had access to this device yet 3 devices since i’ve seen her it continues. All passwords have been changed etc.. Crazy EX is able to do this with just my phone number it seems. I hope you can help. Cops are useless for me because she hasn’t threatened me and i can’t yet prove its her but i know it is. I need to know how its happening and find a way catch her and have evidence for the police.

    • Totally IMPOSSIBLE! Unless he/she? has had access to your phone then no it isn’t possible with just a phone number! If you have changed ALL your passwords make sure you have changed your Wi-Fi password too as that is a possible form of attack. If you have the same sim card they may have cloned it in the past and that could be the reason but apart from that if you have changed your phone 3 times and they have been no where near it then your fine!

      • What all can someone do if they have access to your WIFI password and how would you detect anything that may be going on? Thank you.

  13. My son’s school has made all the parents sign an agreement that states any electronic device that enters school property can be monitored by their servers. This is not limited to the students chrome books. It pretty much says it can have access to email, texts, contacts ect. Now my question is, can they do that? I can understand the school issued laptops, but my personal device? What business is it of theirs what I have on my phone? Please let me know what you think. Any comments are greatly appreciated.

    • Disable your Wi-Fi and Data when you go there and it will be Impossible to access your phone! They can only monitor it if you connect to their server so as long as your not doing that you will be fine. Oh and if they access your personal accounts then that is an infringement of privacy no matter what they say!

    • As OshoSan stated above, the school is only able to monitor data moving on it’s own network. That is to say, if you’re connected to the school’s WiFi, then they are able to monitor any traffic moving through it. As long as you are not using the school’s network you will have no problem. Make sure WiFi is off and stick to mobile data.

  14. I keep getting “unknown caller” calls.
    When I answe, all I hear is static noise
    No one says nothing and then the call drops.
    Can you explained this hopefully?

  15. I have a huawei p8 light can you tell me a effective way of how to detect these kind of apps , because i haven t noticed many of the signs you mentioned on my device ? and can someone install such thing on a pc ?

  16. A spy app was put on my phone. When I found out I Uninstalled immediately. Ever since the day I Uninstalled the app (thetruthspy.com) my microphone doesn’t work. Like I can call and hear people talking but they can not hear me. My android is not rooted. I am in desperate need of help and how to get my mic working again son people can hear me when I call them.

  17. Is there a way for someone to monitor my apps (Facebook, Instagram, kick), chats, emails, eat from my Gallaxy 5 from a PC.

  18. Does any app work on a Sony Xperia E3. I think my device is remotely hacked. Thanking you in advance. Btw,my last email was hacked last year & the password changed.

  19. Is it possible for the Cellphone provider companies to detect if a cell phone is being spied, without the user asking them to investigate?

    • Assuming we’re talking about one of the major device types, iOS or Android, it’s highly unlikely that a provider would be able to tell if one of these apps was installed. Modern smart phones have many security features built in to ensure no-one can get access to your data except for you, including carriers and the manufacturers themselves! Apple famously refused to unlock a device for the FBI. If the FBI couldn’t crack a phone your local carrier has little chance.

  20. I noticed that some people try to get closer to me and then wait until I unlock my iPhone to use it after that I see my iPhone doesn’t respond, the safari app get separate in half and the Facebook privacy have changed ( I have put a strong password) and they spy at me andknow every word I say on viber or whatsapp. How can you explain that how to solve it. Thank you

  21. Since there is a consistent nose sniffling noise whenever I talk to people, I ran Anti Spyware Mobile on my Android phone. But it has found no spywares on the device. But, there is a Warning: ” there is 1 apps that has suspicious permissions and can spy on your device.

    This application has the following spy able permissions:

    – Knows location by Cell-ID and WiFi.
    – Knows location by GPS signal.
    – Runs on device startup.
    – Records Audio on Voice calls.
    – Reads all SMS messages.

    There are options to make this Program is Safe or Uninstall it.
    Any suggestions will greatly appreciated.

    • I’ve forgot to mention that the suspicious app is WeChat. Thanks.

  22. Hi,
    I feel a bit helpless and confused. My partner had recently an access to one of my chats on FB messenger. She claimed that she did so through bypassing my entry password of my laptop. I have some evidence she could be truthful. However, I feel insecure! I read many articles on the internet, including your valuable ones, and I consulted some friends. I am intending to perform some steps. Please, have a look at them and let me know if you have any more suggestions:
    -For the cell phone, I will do factory reset which will be followed by restoring all my data through my google account excepts the apps which I will reinstall manually, download the antispymoobile, in addition to Avg premium version and 360 security, apps, change the entry password and make it stronger (in addition to the chat messenger locker offered by 360 security app), and install the app notifier to let me know if someone wants to install any suspicious files in the future. Some questions in this context:
    ….I am unable to synchronize my contacts to the google account, what should I do? Any other ways to backup my data? how can I make sure that my data were safely backed up before I do the reset? does the google account backup any other data apart from the contacts, photos, and videos?
    ….Do I need to use any of the cell phone password locker apps?

    -For my laptop, I installed the Malwarebytes and I ran it which revealed a huge number of suspicious files which I quarantined all. I would also change the entry password. In the near future, I would change all the passwords for all the websites and apps. I would also adjust the settings of my browser into not to remember the history or the passwords.
    should I still be worried about the fact that she could installed any of the spying files on my laptop? and what should I do for this?

    – Is there any potential harm or any measures I should take regarding my wireless network (which she is sharing and I am adjusting my network settings as if it is public), Bluetooth, or SIM or SD cards of the mobile?

    -What should I do regarding the bypassing of the passwords for the laptop or the mobile? Pretty concerning matter!

    -What is your opinion in using any of the password manager apps (e.g. sticky passwords), is it safer?

    Thanks and sorry for the many questions!

  23. Is it possible that a spy app has been backed up so that when I do a factory reset and restore backed up data/apps the spy app restores as well? My girlfriend and I moved into my parents’ house almost a year ago and right afterward both of our phones started acting strange. At this point I’ve determined beyond any reasonable doubt that my mom has installed a spy app on both of our phones. I have an app that alerts me that a recording is being made, my location is being read, etc. I also have a call recording app that I noticed has recorded calls that are not stored in my dialing history and when I listen to them there’s no conversation, it’s just recording what’s going on. These calls are either going to my mom or to “unknown” and they are outgoing calls. The first time I did a factory reset I didn’t restore anything and it seemed to work. And then I accidentally left my phone unattended and it started up again. The did another reset but this time I selectively restored certain apps thinking it would save me some time but it seems to have restored the spy program as well because the alerts and odd behavior never stopped this time. So I guess I’m wondering and I going to have to ditch the whole account and start over completely if I want this to end? Also, would my mom have my phone lock password that I’ve been using since she has hacked the phone? I plan on getting a new phone and when I do I don’t need her hacking it too. Thanks in advanced for the help! Sad so many of us are experiencing this crap. I’m truly not even doing anything to spy on. I thought she’d get bored and stop, but no such luck. By the way, I’m 32 years old so this is absolutely ridiculous.

    • Just wanted to say…I’m 39 and this is absolutely beyond ridiculously nuts. So I completely concur with you. Hope all has worked out for you.

  24. My boyfriend was texting me there were two message indicator bubbles on his end, a heart appeared in the corner of one bubble (a new feature on iPhone upgrade). My photos app opens on its own, I hear my self talking clearly ( voice echo) during phone conversations with certain people, static, and when I check VM messages it looks as though a copy is being sent? Meaning the unheard message slides as though I were deleting the message, but message is still there. He has made comments that he was certain I had been texting people when I was sick, made comments about websites I had visited but had not shared this information including purchases. He recently lost his phone and his texts were coming from his email, he stated that when his phone was returned he was receiving text messages with weird symbols. However, during this time when he lost his phone he called from an unknown number several times. The last call as we were hanging went from unknown to his regular number and photo? He claims he had to have his carrier open his old phone, this makes no sense, & that’s why his contact information showed up magically as we were hanging up from unknown. Additionally he had an app on FB running that was light green with handcuffs? He removed it when he noticed that I saw it and it was only visible to him, in other words not friends.

  25. If you keep having issues don’t just do a reset, do a hard manufacturer reset do not use same emails change all emails and all new accounts! Also do not sync any old accounts due to some accts were compromised a passwords so also try not to have cloud or iTunes disable the crap. Some one mentioned above the data that they are getting pics,emails,sms, recording your calls a out you even knowing some can listen live and also they turn your microphone into a recording and listening device. Research all topics on this esp technolicious on eavesdropping and spyware, you will be amazed at all these apps and what they can do. Some even list the fake apps name w the spyware like Phone Control..Android System Kidlogger,,etc but you have t9 know which ones are the fake names n spy apps. You get tired of buying new phone and new numbers because the same phone gets infected I’ve went thru dozens but learn how to play their game it’s sick but it works. Use it only when you need it turn off your cell data and Wi-Fi along w location,they can send commands n secret text that you want even get to control your phone. Then all the signs battery drainage,phone bill goes up because of high data usage,phone goes out of control from you messaging to taking you to diff places on your phone like internet, or it keeps locking up shutting you down and you turning phone back on and off dozen times bec they are def controlling your phone and sending commands to shut you down why bec you messing w the info that is being sent to their target phone,home of,or tablet or iPad…best thing even better get a non smart phone w no data or internet just call plain text. They still have a few non smart old school phones, even ones u can still pop the battery out. I like to piss them off by making my own military block by simply choosing to turn off internet n data when I don’t need to use it and my favorite Aluminum Foil w Ducktape actually leaving the phone on n not turning sh@! Off but wrap your phone in some foil placing shiny side to you almost like making a wallet or mid size farady bag sorry for any misspelling ok anyway it’s also on internet how ti make this n when I am driving or want a private conversation it’s wrapped r goes in foil. Anyhow wrap it thick let some one call you guess what it want even ring no signal, til you take it back out sooner or later after 2 years the eavesdropping sob or pedophile or deranged ex by or by or exes of theirs even,lol,but there’s sickos who’s obsessed w your life and privacy they will do anything to take your privacy away from you and your family and drive you insane so they they think, but there is so many things you can do to be and feel safe again folks. I mentioned a few already bec some I like to show them they not taking my sanity hell no! Karma will get these sickos. Also you can pay for privacy now 9.99 to 30 bucks some are worth it. Bec they keep this crap off for you. Its their job to. Only certain ones work. Also local sheriff’s and good listen in a new buffer sys in place along w stingray, when your going nuts to figure out if it’s a ex, friend ,or family or neighbors don’t hesitate to think it’s our own government and officials and nasa, nsa,fcc all above..they keep a personal log of your info in cloud n iTunes for up to 2 years or more and they know your every move. Trust no one but who you think you can and put a password lock on phone. Some new spy apps don’t need 2 physically have your phone bec they can send it through text or a call. Do lots of research as I have and know you can keep your same phone and number and play the game better by using diff methods for them to get nothing more than you want them to hear. Get a notebook and a friend you can really trust plan or say something really bad ok but write it down first so they will know to go along w what you saying either about sex, drugs,affair that you’ve had or you gonna have or say hey I got kilos of this shit you gotta buy n give location you gonna meet up at go in another vehicle not yours, see if this info gets out or cops pull up at your fake dope deal,lol, and you will see if it’s someone you know or the dam po pos…,it works trust me. This will make you lose it so keep calm and wait for the talk to come and who is talking it or knows what you said. Make it bad bec they want to hear dirty crap on ya. I would say stuff in the bed to my man just him certain ones would be asking me about it next day or 2 and what just me and him said so I knew who it was. If you know for certain who it is tell the cops make a report call your local company tell them to check your connection they can do this too for a fact when you tell them your privacy is being invaded by who ever you think and you have had someone put spyware on your phone so many has called them a this they want think your paranoid bec they know it’s happening every day in the news people. Cnn and Abc broadcast this to the nation that it’s happening..you don’t feel safe esp if you have a family and kids. It makes you sick. Also last but not least get a itemized phone bill the person or persons have to have a target number one you probably want recognize but it will show takes a lot of digging and a lot of months worth bills. Also you can take your cell phone plug it in to home pc download wireshark or sniffing tool it will show you the IP address that your info is going to destination fields will show all incoming and outgoing info but your phone will have to stay plugged in up to 48hours at least to siff thru it all. This may have helped some and not others im only telling bec I been thru this before.

    • Its been a year and a half… and I have searched and searched to find someone,anyone who knows EXACTLY what I’m going through, My friends thought I was being dramatic. That these things cant happen.

      Everything you stated, is the ABSOULTE truth.

      I am being monitored, tracked, spied whatever you wish to call it.

      It is consuming me.

      I am scared all the time.

      Ive changed numbers 5 times been with Metro, T mobile, AT&T getting ready to change again.

      Thank you for posting this. It gave me some solace knowing I am not insane. (Though this is certainly leaning me in that direction.)

      I am beside myself.

  26. If pedofiles and killers and rapist ***** are still free and commit crime , these spywares are ***** useless. on my very best opinion spyware is been used in a bit wrong way . If your crazy and furious ex use it against you , more likely she or he is the one of them three that i mentioned above.

  27. Hi there, may someone please point me out a reference discussion starting point for the following question that I have?:

    I think my phone or email is being monitored. My battery drains. Takes forever for a power up or down. Locks up. No liquid damage. Safely secured in a phone casing. Where may I be able to start the process on finding out if in fact my phone or email is being monitored?

    I feel a bit slow to the punch so if you could simplify the instructions for me so I don’t mess up I would really really really appreciate it. Look forward to hearing from anybody please.

    😉 J

  28. I found some .amr files is this spy app or what?

  29. Is there anyway to check if my phone activity and softwares are being hacked?

  30. I found following in my phone can you tell me whether some one trying to hack OR trace my phone??




  31. Hope you find out

  32. I would like to know if I can tell if someone is tracking me without having access to my phone. My ex’s “friend” lives very far away and she mysteriously got my phone number, my boyfriend’s number (her cousin so that isn’t a huge tell), and my daughter’s number. The other day he was at our daughter’s birthday party and she messaged him about “say hi to the kids for me.” He thought either my BF, his sister or I sent the message to someone and they told her, from what she told him. But none of us did that. Now I think she might be tracking my phone and his phone. This is the 2nd time having similar drama with her, so I want to know if I can see if she is tracking me in some way and how I can “kick” her off.

  33. Nice article.

  34. can someone read your “notes” on your iphone if its being tapped?

    • Depends on your definition of tapped but, Yes, with software like mSpy someone could read your notes

  35. I haven’t noticed anything out of the ordinary on my iPhone 7 but somehow my boyfriend knows what text messages i receive, who i talk to etc. And once before he has logged in my facebook account, apple ID and managed to change the password reset addresses. Should I change everything from email addresses and their passwords and all social media passwords? How can I tell if theres a spyware app on my phone or on his computer/ phone because he did have my apple ID password at one point.

    • This situation is also happening to me! I’d love to know how to block someone who is spying on me.

  36. I’m having a hard time with hackers casting my device and listening toy calls and turning on my camera without my consent and I do have lots of proof of this. My question is Who can I contact that can find all these criminals are using to hack my accounts over and over again so I can use this information in court to prosecute them all.

  37. hello, my android has been 100% hacked by some random person. they text me through a random number generator so impossible to block. also ran a number of different apps. android is up to date but they message me saying “oh i love this song” and then name it or say they like what i’m wearing today. so they can hear and see me and also see whats on my screen at the time. this has been going on for a while now and number changes, sim changes nothing stops them from comming back, even changed phones. noone has had any physical access to my phone to install anything also.
    i’m on current android operating system on s7 edge, phone is not rooted. any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Dave, by your description it sounds like your phone has a virus or a malicious app that you downloaded. You need to careful about what you download particularly apps from outside the normal sources like google play store. Even that doesn’t guarantee an app is safe. You should always look at the permissions an app is looking for when installing it. For example there is little reason why a flashlight app would require access to your phones microphone etc. http://www.snopes.com/computer/internet/flashlight.asp

      • Can someone read my texts without access to my phone?

  38. Do you have to have a SIM card on your phone for spyware to be installed?

    • No applications like mSpy just require internet connectivity, like wifi, to install.

  39. I’ve been cyber stalked for 6 years! I’ve changed phones, numbers, hard erase, wiped computers and the psycho still holds fast. I NEVER connect to any Wifi,and turn data off, unless I need it. Somehow, I think he has accessed my phone thru our Wifi. And I need to know how to find it, BC it doesn’t show up. Whenever he is here, to visit kids, he is on his phone, and I get a message on my “new” tablet, “contacts are being exported”!!!! I also believe he is using my sons phone as a remote device. I already know he has all of us set up as “employees” on our network. Sees everything we do. I called Sherrif and no help. I’ve called victims of crime, no help. I’ve gone off grid,then, he gets in the home phone and hacks 4 of my relatives!!!! How can he be stopped!! I’ve already gone to my carrier…the usual “that’s impossible” reply. Where do I look for adequate proof to give police that we are victims of a deranged obsessed stalking sociopath? Please reply

  40. I have a iPhone through my company. They know where im located and through my iphones mic they are able to hear conversations without my consent. What are my rights? What features should i disable so theres no chance i can be tracked?

  41. Yes I have a j5 phone . anyone that has these same things happen to you please respond ok . about 6 weeks ago my battery started getting real hot ,I ran out of Data on my phone half way thur the month never ever did tat before . Also some times I go to tex someone like my wife and sent it .The tex brings up another person in my contacts and sends it to them automatic . and my wife don’t get the tex message strange . My battery goes dead in short time frame . ???? what do you other folks think . I think its law enforcement trying to pry into my business . I have done nothing wrong that I know of but guess you never know intel its to late.thanks

  42. I have a friend who’s violent partner is tracking her, is there away she can prove that he is doing this. He is a x-policeman and is making out she is the crazy one. She has managed to get him out of her house, but he turns up when doesn’t expect it.

  43. I think I am the target of stalking by business competitors. I know that they are unscrupulous and need to protect my whereabouts because others who have threatened their vested interests have come to a sorry end. It’s that radical. Because of this, I do not have a smart phone. How can I protect myself from any further stalking by tracking my calls?

  44. i think it is possible to tap a phone with just the number, that or either remote technology covertly employed in close vicinity b/c this has happened to me multiple times with phone on me at all times (buzzing on and off, spitting out parts of my texts and emails as well as scrambled symbol code in random areas of phone, multiple hang-up calls, blank voice mails or voice mails by ridiculous phony companies that don’t answer when you call back, etc…) maybe if they have access to your email and it’s open on your phone that’s how they can get in. but this happened again after I made sure never to access email on my phone again…

    • This article i have been reading i hate to say but once the phone or devices are infected i dont know how you would be able to stop it. i know all my accounts from FB, to bank account any account online is not being tampered with. this message is probably being read as i type it. i have seen and know where it is coming from but i do not know any way of fully ridding of it new phone does not work new numbers do not work new emails apple ids do not work. why because as soon as you reach out to any contact, or enter your birthday or name it grabs that info and syncs in. really depends on how much time and number of people involved can tell you how serious it can be. i have atleast 15 to 20 people running programs at my info maybe more. the only way i see to stop it is change my ss# , name and every contact i know’s phone number. and all this really depends on how much time and energy these parisites want to intrude. if anybody knows more please let me know.

  45. My gf seems to know where n what I’ve been or done.i suspect that my I phone x is being spy.what are the ways to clear my doubts in this matter.thank you

  46. My phone email was hacked and received all correspondence. Besides, the hackers told me they planted a spyapp on a download video I made which recorded my privacy. They threatened tto put the recorded video out there if I don’t pay a Ransome amount of dollars. What do I do now? Advice needed. Thank you.

  47. When into I log into FB on my phone I get a message saying unusual log in and it shows me logging in from two states away.

  48. I have an I phone and I suspect someone is tapping my calls though not at the time of the call but later or even after few days.
    Is there any way to detect that my calls had been tapped?

  49. Hello SpyAppsMobile! How are you? I have a Verizon LG flip phone. “Current Location” showed up in my contacts list. Also “Galaxy S9” showed up in my bluetooth menu. How can I find out who put these there? How can I figure out exactly WHAT they are doing? What else on my phone can I check for other such improprieties? I hope you can help me, but if not, can you recommend someone? Thank you! Fran

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